On Rahm, Part II

Why should this still matter to you?

Well, I guess if the most important aspect of your life is playing video games, having sex (or for the less fortunate, masturbation), and eating — then it probably doesn’t either way.

However, if you care about your political leadership and the direction of the country — this issue and its strategy matters a great deal.

For progressives, everything that they believe in hangs in the balance of, essentially, two people. The incompetent fucktard Harry Reid (and his band of rejects in the U.S. Senate); and the Messiah that is President Obama. Right now, even if Congressional Republicans had the votes to defund the new health care law (which is their strategy right now), it would face a veto.

However, without a reasonable law passed in the first place this could become the main issue in 2012. If it is, exit polling from 2010 and current polling shows, Democrats could still be in trouble. If the GOP continue their momentum from 2010, they will win back the Senate. They don’t even need to continue their momentum, they will only need to maintain the same momentum Democrats had in 2008, from the midterms in 2006. It is a fair bet that Republicans could conceivable hold both houses of Congress.

Once that happens, all Republicans have to do is nominate a viable candidate to challenge Obama. If Obama gets beat, it will be because of the health care proposal. There has been nothing he has done since inauguration that has been nearly as controversial. If you paid attention to the campaigns in 2010, it was practically the only issue the GOP locked in on at town halls, in literature, and on cable news. Without any leader with power, the Republicans would be free to pass any legislation they want.

This is where the path of Rahm Emanuel should be preferred to the path of a Paul Begala. It is all fine and good to be a champion for all that you believe to good. But none of it matters if you do not hold power and control. There is only one leader of progressive causes (and he gets attacked by the likes of the radicals at MoveOn.org) who is just as concerned about “holding serve”, if you will. Unfortunately, we have lost the leadership of Emanuel. He will likely solve the most epic urban budget crisis in the history of the Midwest and move on to do more for the City of Chicago than any mayor in our generation. He will do all this while constantly being crucified by the left, because he will not fall on the sword and sacrifice himself and the party to do what is right.

Right is relative. Winning is not. That is why Emanuel has never lost an election, and could have saved the progressive movement.

About Creed

I often ramble. What some people can eloquently say in 10 words, when most people would take 25, I will intentionally take 100. It's always been this way. This blog is mainly to spare my friends, family, and co-workers from my epic long rants.
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