On Batshit Crazy

Yes, Michele Bachmann is batshit crazy.
Yes, she has a significant amount of support from the GOP base.
Yes, there appears to be a lack of intelligence or general understanding of…anything from her.
Yes, she is a serious candidate for the GOP nomination.

Now, we can sit around a write funny articles defaming her as a person; and talk about how scary it would be for her to become President; we can even laugh at how ridiculous some of the statements are, but none of these accomplish the sole goal that should be on the mind of democrats, independents, (most importantly) republicans, and people who don’t even give a shit — defeating not only her candidacy, but her rise to prominence as the Tear Party leader. In all actuality, doing all of these things continue to make her a martyr, increase her recognition and following, and simply give people a reason to doubt her (thus not taking her seriously). This has been the strategy around Michele Bachmann since she was elected to the Minnesota Senate in 2000. It was the Minnesota DFL strategy against her when they ran someone with no political chance in 2006, then ran someone with no name recognition or heartbeat in 2008, and then subsequently ran someone who was almost as controversial as she was in 2010 [the recently Rolling Stone article on Bachmann referred to her opponents in ’06 and ’08 as “experienced, credible opponents”, which apparently can now be defined as never holding public office, voting on any legislation, or  garnering over 20% of the vote in a major election].

On a complete side note, the article laughably states in continuing to ridicule her electoral success, “that a total absence of legislative accomplishment and a complete inability to tell the truth or even to identify objective reality are no longer hindrances to higher office.” This is funny after identifying Patty Wetterling as an experienced candidate. Would this apparently objective definition of political qualification also include Al Franken, Jesse Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or any of the other absurdly unqualified people who have ran for higher office in the last 10 years. No, in today’s political environment you don’t have to have experience, or be intelligent, or have any ideas to actually win. You just have to get more people to vote for you. Which is sort of the point I am trying to make here.

Thus, for over 10 years, she was mocked and ridiculed. Her candidacies were never taken seriously — as a state Senator or for Congress — because all people could say is “How can anyone vote for someone like this!?” So, real substantive campaigns were never run against her. She was given a free pass from the local political units for 10 years. Her platform and issues never taken seriously and now she is on the verge of running a serious campaign for President because she must be batshit crazy and people will see that.

To all the progressive-liberals who consistently tell me I’m not loyal to the movement, I ask you:
How is that working for us?

Unfortunately, the more you focus on how batshit crazy Michele Bachmann is, the more you fail to recognize the larger concern that her candidacy draws (if you disagree with her opinions/delusions). If she is as crazy and scary as we are led to believe (and, yes, she is), then what does it say that a recent Rasmussen poll put her support at 19% among Republicans and some favorability ratings among Republican voters put her in the mid-20s. Shouldn’t it be more concerning as to why over 10% of the population is supportive of her — and do not see her for who she is? It should, and don’t laugh, because when you write off people as crazy and do not address the root cause, then you will lose — as the Minnesota DFL…won’t tell you because they are just as delusional on the Bachmann issue as Bachmann is.

While one of the biggest weaknesses among the Democratic party is inherent in their hiring and personnel practices (this criticism is very personal, but can also be confirmed by anyone with an objective look at their party). Even with continued lack of experience and knowledge among the staff who ran these campaigns, there is absolutely no way that they could not defeat her. If she were to win, this would forever prove the incompetence that has ravaged the Democratic Party since the 1970s. But that won’t happen. When Obama ran in 2008, while he had one of the most experienced high-level staff since Clinton in Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, his state campaigns and local grassroots units were the most inexperienced in history — and they subsequently made history.

In 2008, the campaign was won by superior fundraising and grassroots organizing. However, that would not beat someone like Michele Bachmann. Hopefully, the political elitists will recognize this and run the media campaign that always seems to beat democratic candidates. While Democrats are out on the door talking to people one on one, the Republicans are running media blitzes, spouting nonsense on every talk show, and finding any random camera or media opportunity possible. If Bachmann is the nominee, and she energizes Evangelicals and crazy lunatics to come out from under the rock in which they reside; if Bachmann is able to wrestle the nomination, she will energize the trolls, the Unabombers, the fundamentalists to come out and vote in droves; if that happens, it cannot be countered by the typical grassroots organizing, the only strategy Democrats comprehend.

Do we really think that she is the only person with a God-speaks-directly-to-me attitude? Do we really think that she is the only one that wants The Holy Bible to circumvent The U.S. Constitution? Or is the only one to passionately hate gay people with a fervor? That she’s the only one so scared of government that they fear the U.S. Census? [actually this is a deeply progressive issue, but only if you are Hispanic, then apparently progressive-liberal will feel for you] The only real point made by The Rolling Stone article is ask how all of this craziness “rather than [destroy] her politically, helped propel her into Congress.” But no one is actually addressing it.

She represents a large segment of the American population. The more you laugh at it, the more you mock and ridicule it, the more you will energize it. If you try to beat her on the issues, she will win. If you try to out-organize her, she will win (as her 2006 gay marriage ban proves). You need to out-crazy her. I’m not sure we have that in us if she becomes the nominee.

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I often ramble. What some people can eloquently say in 10 words, when most people would take 25, I will intentionally take 100. It's always been this way. This blog is mainly to spare my friends, family, and co-workers from my epic long rants.
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