Simplistic Simpletons

ZUHS3VGJZYUG Most political issues in the U.S. are simplistically presented to the electorate by simpletons. While the basic issue in our world has become overly complicated, some of them have become comically obvious. The correct solution is what is complicated, but the problem is sitting right there in front of us.

You no longer need to present information or facts with an argument — something you learn when you receive an education. You are no longer called out when you lie, or present a solution based upon a premise that proven backward.
If you can sound good, you will win the election. If you place blame and deflect the reality, then people will believe your deception. If you are a conservative or libertarian, you expect the free market to control everything in the economy.

You also believe that the government has control over everything right now. It is time for a reality check, even though it falls upon deaf ears — because if you don’t like the facts I present and you don’t like the solution to the problem, you can simply dismiss the reality. Freedom and liberty, run amok.

First off, the definition of socialism is the primary ownership of production in a society rests with the state. The United States produces practically nothing — even the military outsources the production of ammo and gear — so it is nearly impossible to call the United States a socialist economy.
The only way to define our society is a nearly pure capitalist private economy with regulatory power resting with the government which redistributes certain goods based on the will of the people. That is not, nor ever will be, socialism.

It can only be defined that way by simpletons who have never read a book and have never bothered to educate themselves. They read a page of the Constitution, or a paragraph written by Ayn Rand. They heard a cute quote by Ron Paul, or read a synopsis of a part of a Federalist Paper. Since the divergent theories behind government operations and democratic systems are too complicated for most who are simply told what to do in the private sector, they swear allegiance to someone who promises them control over their lives.

Except, it is a total farce. The only real difference is who will have control over your life. Either we elect people who directly responsible to us, or we are a slave to an industry. Our government does not operate like 1984. But the private sector does. Here it is, in plain sight. I encourage you to take this information, chew on it, and get involved. If the GOP gets to control public policy, these numbers will get even worse. I’ll paint a picture in the coming days.

20% of Americans make less than $22,500 annually.

Every time in the last 75 years that we have increased the marginal top tax rate, it has been followed by an increase in the GDP.
Every time.

For the 9 quarters from 2007-Q1 to 2009-Q1, our GDP growth was:
1%, 3%, 2%, (-2%), 1%, (-4%), (-9%), (-7%)
(You don’t need an economist to see the epic collapse of the economy.)

Then, TARP went into effect, this has been our GDP growth from 2009-Q2 to 2011-Q2:
(-1%), 2%, 4%, 4%, 4%, 2%, 2%, 0%, 1%
(You also don’t need an economist to see that it stopped the bleeding. Period.)

After the second round of Bush tax cuts, which were all about job creation:
July 2003: 351,000 jobs lost
August 2003: 331,000 jobs lost
September 2003: 239,000 jobs lost
October 2003: 218,000 jobs lost
November 2003: 223,000 jobs lost
December 2003: 298,000 jobs lost
January 2004: 147,000 jobs lost
February 2004: 223,000 jobs lost
March 2004: 47,000 JOBS GAINED!!!
April 2004: 18,000 JOBS GAINED!!!
May 2004: 98,000 jobs lost
June 2004: 210,000 jobs lost
July 2004: 221,000 jobs lost
August 2004: 178,000 jobs lost
September 2004: 210,000 jobs lost

Top 0.01% of wage earners control 6% of annual income. ($13,000,000/year)
Top 1% of wage earners control 24% of annual income. ($400,000/year)
Top 5% of wage earners control 39% of annual income. ($155,000/year)
Top 10% of wage earners control 50% of annual income. ($110,000/year)

Bottom 90% of wage earners control 50% of annual income. ($40,000/year)

Wealth Share of the Top 400 wage earners (Top 0.0002%) in the U.S. is 3.1%
Wealth Share of the Top 100 wage earners (Top 0.00005%) in the U.S. is 1.9%

Since 1972, the average salary for workers has went from $38,000 to $47,000.
Since 1972, the average CEO pay has went from $1,000,000 to $78,000,000

So, if the government is controlling the free market capitalist economy, they are doing a beautiful job of making it even more capitalist than it would be on its own.
Or, the government is not doing enough to protect its 300,000,000 citizens from about 400 people out to rape, pillage, and destroy everything in their path.

It’s either one or the other.

Unless you choose to reject the facts, create your own reality, and believe that the government is suffocating the creativity of the free market and redistributing all the wealth to the bottom.


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I often ramble. What some people can eloquently say in 10 words, when most people would take 25, I will intentionally take 100. It's always been this way. This blog is mainly to spare my friends, family, and co-workers from my epic long rants.
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2 Responses to Simplistic Simpletons

  1. As I am fond of saying lately…better to start with the facts and form your opinions around them than start with an opinion and seek facts to support them. If your opinions are always aligned with the best interpretation of the most relevant data you will seldom be in the wrong. If better data comes along to contradict what you’ve said here I will be just as eager to embrace it, because it is reality and any political machination that isn’t grounded in the current reality is doomed to failure because it is misaligned with what IS. Keep it up.

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