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On Mockery

Disciple Tebow, For awhile, I found the idolatry of you to be cute. You were just a stupid farm boy that had yet to realize that it was time to step out of the bubble you grew up in. At … Continue reading

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On Legendary

There has been much talk about this years’ World Series. It has been the greatest, most competitive World Series since back-to-back historic matchups a decade ago in 2001 and 2002. As far as the greatest? Most lists and pundits agree … Continue reading

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On Sexual Double Standards

A high school teacher was sentenced today to four years in jail after being convicting of 16 counts of sexual assault on five boys. The sex was even more egregious because the teachers supplied the teens with alcohol and drugs, … Continue reading

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The Island of Addiction

I rarely talk about my substance recovery process even with people I can trust. We live in a society that humiliates the addict, vilifies the drug, and then shuns any legitimate discussion on the topic. We also throw around the … Continue reading

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The Legitimacy & Power of Wikipedia

I get tired of hearing people argue that “you can’t use Wikipedia as a resource” for anything, but most specifically academic papers …. Why is it important to use an academic paper instead of a blog as a legitimate source? … Continue reading

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