The Desensitization of Hitler

I usually hate any time my favorite two worlds come together, politics and sports. Almost always, it is never good. A recent blog I read reminded me of many things in politics that frustrate us all.

It is frustrating that so many of us, and I am just as guilty, view everything in terms of left and right. For the right, any time they perceive a media bias, it must be a left-wing conspiracy and NOT a journalistic decision about what to report. For the left, every bad news piece about business shows that all businessmen are greedy pigs and the private sector is evil.

Admittedly, I had not heard about the Tyson comments, but I had heard about the Hank Williams, Jr. comments. The discrepancy in results is partly due to the fact that this story is in the news again — and MNF dropping the song is huge. I’m surprised there are not more results.

First, Tyson is a bumbling idiot. Comments about a former governor and a former basketball from a former boxer do not rise to the level of the singer of the most recognizable sports song on the most popular sports and longest-running sports special show on the most popular sports network making a comment about the sitting President and the sitting Speaker comparing them to a former world leader and a former mass murderer.
If you cannot see the difference between why a news outlet would say one is important but not the other, then there is nothing more to say about it. We can at least agree that Tyson is a bumbling idiot.

Second, we need to stop seeing each other as the enemy — which apparently, is how Hank and many others view the President. I disagree with conservative political theory and I believe it is bad for the country and that all the research I have done in ten years, I have never seen anything to prove otherwise. However, that does not make conservatives the enemy, or my enemy. They believe their policies will make the country better. Progressives believe the same thing. We are not the enemy.

Third, and the most important point of this blog post, is that anyone who compares anything or anyone to Adolf Hitler does not deserve to be taken seriously or be involved in the intellectual debate of public policy. We are seeing it more and more, because rather than have an academic debate about the best policy we are simply trying to stunt for media coverage and win the next election. This blog is a perfect example of the scariest kind of propaganda, because there are over a dozen outright lies and every deduction of reason and comparison to Obama is actually true of political campaign strategy. So, technically, American politicians are Hitler.

There are websites out there defending Obama-Hitler comparisons, claiming similarities in their rise to power, but the flaw is that is not how the average person remembers Hitler. They remember him for murdering 6-12 million Jews. These comparisons at least only draw similarities between their rise to power and governing strategies, they do not actually claim to our President is going to kill 6 million people. In today’s political climate, you can compare the support and idolatry of any politician to Hilter.
You could take both links above, do a find-replace of Obama with Tea Party and it would be the same thing.

Some of you are familiar with Godwin’s Law, named after the founder of EFF, which pretty much states that any discussion held online will devolve to a Hitler comparison. This is why we have had the birth certificate lie, the socialism disinformation, the socialism lie, and the list could go on and on. Right now the common comparison is Obama-Hitler, but it is not difficult to find other people with a computer and internet connection and loose ability to spell.

I guess in 50 years someone compare a policy or opinion to 9/11, hopefully the people who do not understand the Holocaust will realize the offense of these kinds of irrational comparisons.

There are a number of other offensive, inappropriate comparisons to Hitler: FDR, George W. Bush, the United States of America, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon — all absurd on any level of thought. I even found out that compared God & Jesus to Hitler. Some other, more appropriate comparisons to Hitler: Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Benito Mussolini; but still even these can be argued to still not truly rise to the level of Adolf Hitler.

Why are there so many comparisons to Hitler? Well, the answer lies in the exact reason why the comparisons are illogical and totally inappropriate: Everyone knows who Adolf Hitler is, the atrocities that he caused, and (on a smaller scale) the events that happened to cause his insane rise to power. Everyone learns this by the 8th grade because of how significant of a historical event, and so to compare it to everything you agree with is offensive and shows your inability to analyze the events that happen around you.

Thankfully, there are some deep journalistic articles and academic papers that point out the logical conclusion: That we are desensitizing ourselves from the terrorism of a man like Adolf Hitler and indemnifying the historical significance of the Holocaust. This is a very sad outcome just because we are too lazy to make a rational and intelligent argument against an opinion with which we disagree.

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