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On Christianity

Dear Christians, Do you realize that when you get red with anger over my bumper stickers that all you are doing is reinforcing the exact argument I am making. “Jesus is a Liberal” This one is not my favorite, but … Continue reading

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On Playoffs

I have never been a big fan of NASCAR’s Chase playoff format. I believe that a sport where a field of athletes compete on a field of play and only one player wins out of an entire field, there needs … Continue reading

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On Fandom

I have written numerous times about sports, most specifically about Minnesota sports and most recently about the Green Bay Packers/Minnesota sports rivalries. There is no doubt that the Packers have a storied history, and it is possible that the 2011 … Continue reading

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On Personhood

Sometimes, I sit in front of my computer in shock of the topic I am about to write about, this is one of those times. Actually, I never do that — even in the heat of a GOP primary, I … Continue reading

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