On Christianity

Dear Christians,

Do you realize that when you get red with anger over my bumper stickers that all you are doing is reinforcing the exact argument I am making.

“Jesus is a Liberal”

This one is not my favorite, but the truth of it is irrefutable. He would not for the Chamber of Commerce, he would likely legalize marijuana, and was much more concerned about the selfishness of the rich and the plight of the poor.
So, when you speed by me at 100mph in your rusted out pickup truck on the freeway with a “Mohammed is dead. Jesus is alive.” bumper sticker, not only are you factual incorrect, not only do you play in to my own stereotype, but with your own bumper sticker you draw the exact correlation to conservative dogma and Christian dogma.

“I like your Christ. I do not like Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”

When you ride my bumper when I’m going 15-over in slow lane, drive by me and give me the finger, or honk at my for absolutely not reason and then give me an evil look — you again prove my point.

“Jesus called. He wants his religion back.”

This one is my favorite. From Tim Tebow to…other people I cannot mention…I am reminded daily as to why I try not to associate with bigoted religious people. If you acted more like Jesus and not vindictive trolls, people like me would not have such an easy argument.

Oh well, you make my commuting all that much more fun. I find myself laughing constantly.
Until I take a knife to the back. I’m just assuming that’s how a Christian would kill someone.


Your Loving Agnostic


About Creed

I often ramble. What some people can eloquently say in 10 words, when most people would take 25, I will intentionally take 100. It's always been this way. This blog is mainly to spare my friends, family, and co-workers from my epic long rants.
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6 Responses to On Christianity

  1. tobeforgiven says:

    “Stereo Type” eh? From where do you form this stereo type? And is it not a double standard that Christians are critized for stereo typing while you do it so plainly?
    Also, the Jesus you describe, you say the truth is irrifutable, that he would legalize marijuana, so where is your irrifutable truth in regards to this?
    The Mohammed is Dead, Jesus is alive, how exactly is that factually incorrect, Mohamed is most certianly dead, as everyone including Muslims would agree. Is it the Jesus being alive part? I though you liked Jesus.
    Jesus is not seeking your or my approval. You say you like my Christ. “do you like that he said he was the only way, that anyone who tried to come another way was a thief.” Do you like that he told people to stop sinning, time and time again, usually after healing them? Do you like the fact that his blood was shed for you, and for the firgiveness of your sins?
    Or do you like the stereo type of him?

  2. Creed says:

    First, stereotype is one word. Since I’m assuming you do not want me to discuss types of stereos, I will attempt to explain myself. I was admitting my own stereotype, which are always bad. I have a stereotype that Christians are all racist, conservative, rural, inbred, uneducated simpletons. When you ride around in a pick-up truck with a racist bumper sticker, you perpetuate that with me.

    Second, it is spelled Mohammed — but since you are not interested in intellectual dialog, I would not expect you to respect another religion. Factually, Mohammed died in June 632 and Jesus died between 30-36. Faith, or belief that cannot be proven, should not enter into a substantive discussion about concrete realities.
    Both are dead.

    Third, I said that he would likely do these things. We know that believed in helping the poor, was against (the ancient form of) the death penalty, was against profit and capitalism, he was against war, and he was even for the separation of church and state. I can cite bible quotes for all of these, but would it really matter?

    Fourth, yes I do. I actually do like that he said that, because Christians do not follow what he believes. I don’t like the stereotype of him, which is entire created by Christians with a political agenda. The reality of what he believed is so far lost, which is why I mock it.
    Wait. Was only his blood shed? Or did he die for our sins? Most people I know will say the latter. Nice way to rephrase though…since part of your argument is that Jesus is about to celebrate his 2,007th birthday, even though no earthly person has heard from him in two millennium.

    Finally, Jesus was all about love and not hate. I don’t believe in his immortality, and so I can be as mean and hateful as possible. If your faith is right, I’m doomed to hell anyways. However, thanks for (yet again) being another Christian who proves the entire point of this blog post. The hatred and anger in your short comment is not Christ-like. At all.

  3. squiznit says:

    There’s a problem with your idea that Jesus is dead. Yes he died during the years 30-36, but you say that it cannot be proven that he came back to life. Well I ask you to prove that he didn’t. Not only is it part of religious history, but it is a part of secular history. Jesus certainly lived, there is no denying that, but it has been disputed by many academics whether or not he rose again. By proving that he did not rise again, you have just destroyed a whole religion. If you can prove it to be an infallible truth that Jesus did not rise again three days after he was crucified, then Christianity has no foundation and millions of people around the world are left to rethink their worldview. Chirstianity, however, still seems to be fairly strong in many countries around the world and is the most popular of all religions by world statistics. Therefore, Jesus’ death has not been proven wrong, he simply does not exist on this earth in physical form because.. well read acts.

    Secondly, I 100% agree with you when you say that Jesus’ teachings no longer exist in christianity (in some forms anyway) but to ask someone to be perfect is not possible. The secular stereotype of christians is that we are hypocritical. Fair enough, many christian denominations ask people to do things that they themselves do not do. What ever happened to dont point out the speck in your friends eye when you have a plank in your own (or something like that).. there are definately some problems with christianity as a religion, but christianity to me is not a religion. I do not look at my beliefs as rules that I must follow and I dont see it as specific rituals that must be followed perfectly, I see it as what it should be, simply the grace that we don’t deserve, and will continue to not deserve until we die.

    It’s fine to have a stereotype of christians and this is definately how more than half the christians out there act, but just know that their are several defintions of a christian. I am not one of these christians. I am quite educated, not overly racist and I live in a city. I can see why you have this stereotype of christians but just know that not all are like this.

    A non conforming christian

  4. tobeforgiven says:

    I would like to ask at what point, did I become disrespectful to you? You said “but since you are not interested in intellectual dialog, I would not expect you to respect another religion.” How, have I shown disrespect?
    Infact, I would like to know, exactly what this disrespect is that you feel from Christians.
    I would also like to know at what point, I became Hateful or angry, as you said “However, thanks for (yet again) being another Christian who proves the entire point of this blog post. The hatred and anger in your short comment is not Christ-like. At all.”
    What I meant by asking “If you like the Stereotype of him” (please forgive my mispellings, I wrote these comments from my phone. I would think you gracious enough to find out these things before accusing me of being less than intellectual.) Is that I wonder if the Christ you like, is the Christ of the Bible or a Christ of your, and other’s creation. This is something not only you, but many Christians do as well. Can you like a Christ, who said to “hate” your father and mother, as Jesus does in Luke 14:26. I can, becuase I understand who Jesus is, not by who I want Jesus to be, but who Jesus is according to the Bible (and as somewhat supported by the works of Josephus and Tacitus).

  5. Creed says:

    The daily disrespect I receive from Christians could fill a book the size of “War & Peace”. I don’t have the time to write it and you don’t have the time to read it. To give you one example though, in trying to console me when I lost my infant child to a stillbirth, I was told by a Christian that it is a message from Jesus that I need to accept him into my life. Just to clarify I asked if she was telling me that God killed my child to tell me that I practiced the wrong religion. She told me if that’s how I wanted to look at it. Apparently, Jesus kills babies.
    I find it disrespectful to Islam to say that “Mohammed is dead. Jesus is alive.” Islam does not profess that Mohammed rose from the dead, Christians believe Jesus did. This not does make Jesus alive — in the bodily sense. If you take any other definition of the world “alive”, then so is Mohammed, so they both live in in their religions.
    There are 2.1B Christians, 1.5B Muslims, and 1.2B Secularists — so by numbers you are correct. However, I will make two claims for Islam being the world’s largest and strongest religion. First, in arriving at 2.1B, we combine many forms of Christianity that practice and believe many different things. This forces a discussion about the definition of religion or a discussion of what makes a denomination a part of a major religion. While Islam has this problem, they are dealing with two major sects…Christianity is dealing with dozens.
    Second, there are many scholars that claim there are more active/practicing Muslims than Christians. I’ve only lived in the United States, but I can attest that 75% of the people I know who claim to be “Christian” ought to be labeled a CINO (Christian In Name Only). They do go to church on Sundays, read the Bible, or practice half of the beliefs or tenets. Admittedly, I have only worked or known about a dozen Muslims. I had to give them an extra break at work, so they could pray at sundown — exactly sundown.
    In the issue of spirituality and philosophy, I cannot prove a negative. Let’s just agree that people with twice as many degrees as all of us combined have disagreed about this and leave it at that. I cannot provide Jesus in his bodily form, that could mean a whole myriad of possibilities. I cannot provide the body of Jimmy Hoffa either, but that does not make him a prophet of God.
    We all look for what we want affirmed.
    I respect the food banks, community building, and other volunteerism that churches and their parishioners get involved in. In the end, it is very difficult to respect hate — regardless of the passive-aggressive form or the excuse of “this is what the Bible says” that “requires” people to hate, abuse, kill, and discriminate about 10% of our society. I do not respect people voting for our secular leaders in our secular government based on their religious beliefs when the founder of Christianity and the founder of the United States agreed on the basis of government (Matthew 22:21).
    I will end by saying what I find interesting is how we are practically entangled in a global religious war, when both religions are entangled in the same characters. Both religion honor Gabriel. Yet today you hate each other? If religion is right, I will serve my eternity in Hell proudly; proud that I treated people how they treated me, loved and accepted everyone, and rejected hate and intolerance. If that puts me in Hell because I accept science and reject what is not proven, so be it. I will do so honorably.
    At least that way, apparently, I’d also be able to spend eternity with my dead soulless son.

  6. tobeforgiven says:

    Let me tell you straight off, that I completely agree with you that most people who call themselves Christians are not actually Christian. There is a popular saying that goes “If being in a church makes you a Christians, than does being in a garage make you a car?”
    This makes for, as it does for Muslims, a difficult situation because most of what is known about Christians is what comes out of those who are not real Christians. Fred Phelps is a prime example. I would, however, note that Christianity (unfortunately, many “Christians” do not understanding this.) does not believe in a moral code or personal perfection. we believe that, “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” we believe that we are sinful. That does not mean we dont strive to be better, always we do this (not does it mean that we dont try to correct those around us, there is a difference, though, between loving correction, and arrogance, which many have missed).
    Having lived in America, as well as more secular states, and having been a pastor in such, I would say I find America frustrating in its understanding of Christianity. It is for 20% and actual life style and belief, while for the other 80% it is just something you do on occasion and talk about often, whithout knowing anything. From where I live currently I find that people dont call themselves Christian unless they know what that means.
    The problem with this is that you have a great many people, saying and doing “Christian things” without having ever understood the Bible.
    The fact that a “Christian” told you that God killed your baby, is absolutely disgusting. And goes to show they have probably read very little of their Bible, because the basic principle behind the story of Christ is that we live in a fallen and imperfect world where bad things happen. The disciples tried to put this one over on Jesus when they asked about a Blind man, they asked who sinned to make this man blind, but Jesus said, that no one sinned, but that whatever the reason, at his healing it would be used to Glorify God, and the man was healed. If it was God’s will that people die and are made sick then CHrist would not have healed so many. (Please note that this is from a second covenant stand point, there is a difference between the old covenant (OT) and the New. Both are relevant, but we currently live under the New Covenant)
    I am greatly distressed that someone would say this to you.
    You are correct in saying that Muslims believe that Mohammed is still alive, in an eternal heaven sense. I do not believe this. I am being no more disrespectful in saying that, then I would be if I said I don’t believe chocolate tastes good. Nor is it any more disrespectful to say this than for an Atheist to tell me that my God does not exist. This is what dialogue is, sharing what you believe, and saying why.
    You state that the Bible teaches us to hate, kill, and murder, etc. This is untrue. Often when people make this claim they are speaking of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible). The Hebrew Bible does indeed lay a foundation for this, however the Bible as we know it, the Christian Bible Consists of two covenants, two ways of living. The first was the covenant of Abraham, the covenant shared by Jews and Muslims. It was indeed a covenant of rules and regulations, to which the end for breaking these rules and regulations was death. But the Christian Bible consists of a new Covenant, that is the covenant sealed in the “Blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins”. Under this covenant, no one is expected to die for disobedience because Christ already paid the price for us. The new covenant teaches us to love our enemies (Matthew 5:43-46), to be generous (2 Corinthians 9:11), to be humble (Ephesians 4:2), to be forgiving (Matthew 6:12). No where in the New Covenant are we asked to go to war, or to kill. In fact we are told that being even angry at someone is the same as murder.
    This is true Christianity. The Bible, the entirety of the Bible says this.
    I believe that we are entangled in a religious war, it is not new however, it is the same war that has been going since 632 AD. I do not believe in this war as it is understood. I do believe in the fact that this war has given freedom to women who were abused and who were not allowed to go to school under the Taliban in Afghanistan. I do believe in going to war to rid ourselves of Sadam Hussein who Mustard Gassed his own people. Yeah it’s probably good to change that. I do not believe in fighting over religion. When I saw Osama Bin Laden, or Gadaffi, killed, I did not rejoice. For they are children of God, who had not yet come to know God truly, who had not yet asked for forgiveness for the awful sins they committed, they never had the chance to be forgiven. This is not a godly war, on either side, when it stops being about freeing people from tyranny and oppression (which I believe it was once about) and moves to political gain.
    I am unsure of your reference to Gabriel. Gabriel is a messenger, and is of no consequence to Christians. Only God is revered. I do not believe Muslims revere Gabriel either. Abraham would be the connection, as Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all claim Abraham as their father. It is very interesting that the Prophesies that the children of Abraham would always be at war with one another. How true!

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