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On Re-Elect

It has been quite a long time again. My last blog post was during the recall, which was an awesome appetizer to today. Oh, what a joy! Election Day in America! Our electoral system is bogged down in skepticism, cynicism, … Continue reading

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On Sexual Double Standards

A high school teacher was sentenced today to four years in jail after being convicting of 16 counts of sexual assault on five boys. The sex was even more egregious because the teachers supplied the teens with alcohol and drugs, … Continue reading

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The Legitimacy & Power of Wikipedia

I get tired of hearing people argue that “you can’t use Wikipedia as a resource” for anything, but most specifically academic papers …. Why is it important to use an academic paper instead of a blog as a legitimate source? … Continue reading

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Your Taxes: Capitalist or Socialist?

I sound like a broken record lately, but it is clear that we need a basic understanding of certain definitions. Socialism is an economic system the means of production, distribution, and exchange of goods are collectively or cooperatively owned by … Continue reading

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The Desensitization of Hitler

I usually hate any time my favorite two worlds come together, politics and sports. Almost always, it is never good. A recent blog I read reminded me of many things in politics that frustrate us all. It is frustrating that … Continue reading

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