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Anytime my post contains something funny, I will tag it. Sometimes my dry humor seems serious or mean. In reality, I’m just bad at being funny.

On Discipline

I’ve been preparing for fatherhood by combating the biggest problem with families today. Not gay marriage. Not contraception. Or sex education in schools. No, the biggest problem with family values today, is the lack of parents willing to actually raise … Continue reading

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On Christianity

Dear Christians, Do you realize that when you get red with anger over my bumper stickers that all you are doing is reinforcing the exact argument I am making. “Jesus is a Liberal” This one is not my favorite, but … Continue reading

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On Stand-Up

I love stand-up comedy. I love it. I could watch it constantly. I took an acting class in college, it fulfilled some BS graduation requirement, and one of the only things I remember from it was the professor stating that … Continue reading

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Clichéd Clichés

We all use them. We all think we are clever when we do. We are all annoyed at others who misuse or overuse them. I fall victim to all three. Worst of all, I cannot stand the use of clichés, … Continue reading

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Extreme!! Queue Fraud.

With the questioning of my masculinity on the line, I will admit to watching a marathon of “Extreme Couponing” on TLC. With my recent job status going from permanently-shaky to temporarily-turbulent, I have more attention to coupons sent in the … Continue reading

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