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On Recall

There is a way to do it and there is a way not to do it. This is true anywhere, for anything. For months, the Wisconsin recall effort gained steam and was a truly inspirational grassroots drive. They were successful … Continue reading

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On Bounty

I have kept quiet about the recent NFL controversy regarding trying to injure players. I was sick of gossip detracting from actually competition and I wasn’t sure if there was any legitimacy to the accusations. Those questions have been answered … Continue reading

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On Discipline

I’ve been preparing for fatherhood by combating the biggest problem with families today. Not gay marriage. Not contraception. Or sex education in schools. No, the biggest problem with family values today, is the lack of parents willing to actually raise … Continue reading

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On Prejudice

We all like to think that we are objective in the way we view the world. I trumpet this all the time as I believe my political experience is unique, especially in this era of political polarization. It seems that … Continue reading

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On Choke

This is why I will never give up my love affair with sports. Fans prognosticate twenty-four/seven at the water cooler, pundits analyze every angle and possibility in the media, and players strut with swagger in front of the cameras. Then … Continue reading

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