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On Discipline

I’ve been preparing for fatherhood by combating the biggest problem with families today. Not gay marriage. Not contraception. Or sex education in schools. No, the biggest problem with family values today, is the lack of parents willing to actually raise … Continue reading

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On Scoring

This is something I never thought I would have to write down. In politics, there is tons of spin and lies that have to be countered. In life, there are some realities. In a world of greys, there is some … Continue reading

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On $%#&!

In recent years, I’ve thought more and more about what I will do when I am a father. I have started to look at events through the lens of a parent and how I would react. I look at others’ … Continue reading

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On Stupidity

I often get frustrated and call out a fact with a level of brutal honesty that it shatters the fragile little brains of most people. Sometimes I feel bad for them. But I always end up arguing with them until … Continue reading

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