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In The Name Of The Republic

When I would sit through classes on theory, there were some discussions that I thought were entire restricted to the classroom, that would never become a part of the national debate on politics. One of them was the discussion about … Continue reading

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Your Taxes: Capitalist or Socialist?

I sound like a broken record lately, but it is clear that we need a basic understanding of certain definitions. Socialism is an economic system the means of production, distribution, and exchange of goods are collectively or cooperatively owned by … Continue reading

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On Compassion

I continue to be shook by our partisan divide, a concern that has begun in recent history, but taken a steroid supplement in recent years. I wrote about it earlier this week about Hitler references. The conservative base either does … Continue reading

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2012 GOP Campaigns As West Wing Episode Titles

I recently saw that my second favorite human being on Earth*, Aaron Sorkin, is developing a new TV pilot on HBO. It will be a behind-the-scenes look of a cable news program. Sorkin has been considered an elite writer even … Continue reading

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