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The Desensitization of Hitler

I usually hate any time my favorite two worlds come together, politics and sports. Almost always, it is never good. A recent blog I read reminded me of many things in politics that frustrate us all. It is frustrating that … Continue reading

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On Scoring

This is something I never thought I would have to write down. In politics, there is tons of spin and lies that have to be countered. In life, there are some realities. In a world of greys, there is some … Continue reading

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The Reality of $%&*@!&#% (Socialism)

Since the economic theory of socialism is so misunderstood and outright lied about by American entrepreneurs, it is nearly impossible to have an honest discussion about the merits and demerits of capitalism and socialism. In light of the debt discussion, … Continue reading

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On Girl Scouts

Not much to say here. It’s pretty simple, actually. The Girl Scouts are an evil organization. Parents will have their tiny children call you up and ask to buy cookies. Who doesn’t want cookies, right? But in all actuality, they … Continue reading

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