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On Re-Elect

It has been quite a long time again. My last blog post was during the recall, which was an awesome appetizer to today. Oh, what a joy! Election Day in America! Our electoral system is bogged down in skepticism, cynicism, … Continue reading

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On Recall

There is a way to do it and there is a way not to do it. This is true anywhere, for anything. For months, the Wisconsin recall effort gained steam and was a truly inspirational grassroots drive. They were successful … Continue reading

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On New Hampshire

Is it possible that I will blog six times today over the nation’s first primary? No, not a chance. This one is in the bag. Will Romney win by twice as much as 2nd place? Yes. Romney will come in … Continue reading

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On Iowa, V

Prediction, Iowa 2012 Romney: 22.3% Santorum: 21.2% Paul: 20.8% Gingrich: 12.8% Perry: 11.1% Bachmann: 8.7% Huntsmann: 2.1% Level of Confidence (in this prediction): 0% Have fun, politicos!

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On Iowa, IV

On Iowa 2012 (Scenarios) Back when I hosted my own amateur political website, I would offer my own prediction for every major election. While I likely will not be able to hold back from doing that by 7:00pm tonight, it … Continue reading

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