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While I usually talk about sports and politics, I sometimes find a personal topic that needs to be discussed.

On Discipline

I’ve been preparing for fatherhood by combating the biggest problem with families today. Not gay marriage. Not contraception. Or sex education in schools. No, the biggest problem with family values today, is the lack of parents willing to actually raise … Continue reading

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On Mockery

Disciple Tebow, For awhile, I found the idolatry of you to be cute. You were just a stupid farm boy that had yet to realize that it was time to step out of the bubble you grew up in. At … Continue reading

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The Island of Addiction

I rarely talk about my substance recovery process even with people I can trust. We live in a society that humiliates the addict, vilifies the drug, and then shuns any legitimate discussion on the topic. We also throw around the … Continue reading

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Clichéd Clichés

We all use them. We all think we are clever when we do. We are all annoyed at others who misuse or overuse them. I fall victim to all three. Worst of all, I cannot stand the use of clichés, … Continue reading

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The Weakness of Learning

I miss high school debate. There was a structure involved. There were two sides presenting a case on a clear statement. Both sides present a structured case. To do so, they presents their thesis, the value which to judge the … Continue reading

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